Zipline Adventure in Juneau, Alaska


You have been explored Juneau by boat, air or on your own foot, but have you been seen this beautiful city from the treetop?  Well, if you have not, I would like to recommend you go for zipline, which is an alternative way to appreciate the beauty of this capital city of Alaska from another angle. During this 3 hours and 15 mins adventure in Tongass National Forest, Gastineau Channel, Mayflower Island, Suicide Falls, Treadwell Mines, and the rainforest, you have them all.

First, you will be boarding on a vessel for a Gastineau Channel Crossing, passing through Mayflower Island and Suicide Falls, and then landed on the Doulas Island and have direct access to the forest outfitting camp.

Your tour guide will give you instructions and help you wear the state of the art safety outfit before transporting you to the first zipline platform on Tongass National Forest by a Mercedes Unimog 4×4.

Arriving in the first zipline platform, that is where your adventure begins. The word “adventure” really apply here as you will step out of your comfort zone getting into a new environment and experience something novel and interesting. Zipline, unlike cruising or hiking, allows you to enter a rich rainforest on over 6,000 feet and enjoy breathtaking view of Juneau by actually flying.

For visitors embarking on zipline journey for the first time, it would be a little scary at the beginning due to the high height, but don’t be. The whole process is safe upon safe, and you have the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the zipline without breaking. There also three beginning zips that are low to the ground if you need to settle some nerves. After finished gliding for three times, you will forget everything but totally enjoy flying in the largest national rainforests with beautiful surroundings .

After experiencing 10 dual-cable ziplines and traverse 2 treetop suspense bridges, you will enter into final zipline platform where you will experience the thrill of rappelling into base camp.

You will receive a unique achievement medal in the end of the zip lining that celebrate the victory for surviving the zipline adventure. You will be proud of yourself by choosing this zip lining option over other tours, especially when your short on time for the Juneau trip.

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Julie Cao

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