Memories of Ring of Kerry, Ireland

Covering 179km circular road from Killarney, Ring of Kerry is one of the unspoiled region of Ireland. This spectacular coastal drive covers a variety of terrain including beaches, national parks, villages, castles and waterfalls.

I spent a day explore Ireland’s most famous and breathtaking coastal area. There are legions of things I had pleasure to see, and surely there are some places I have missed out. One day is too short to see it all, so I attempt to rally every crevice of my brain and try to remember what I have seen that day as much as I can.



My photographer professor once told me the best time to photograph is around sunrise/sunset time. He is definitely right. I am so surprised that the clouds and the sunrise can add so many charm and dynamics to Cork city.


I booked with a tour company that traveled anti-clock wise as the narrow roads make it difficult for the vehicles to pass. Our first stop was Killarney – a quaint little town attracted most of the Irish tourists outside Dublin. Every year in summer, the city holds SummerFest with indoor and outdoor activities including Irish and international concerts, theaters, exhibitions and children’s events.

Dingle Bay


As a heart and soul of Dingle Peninsula, Dingle Bay is a thriving touristy area with country’s finest surfing Inch Beach, stunning Atlantic Ocean, Blasket Islands and varied mountain scenery.


Nested on the pretty Lake Currane, Waterville is a beautiful seaside village overlooking picturesque Ballinskelling Bay. The village is home to many historical and archaoelogical sites, Europe’s best salmon and sea trouting angling, as well as two world-class golf courses. With friendly restuarants, bars, giftshops and village market, it is a perfect destination for visitors to hang loose during the middle of the Kerry tour. We stopped in this delightful place for lunch. Surprisingly, the pub(do not remember the name) we chose to eat are serving thanksgiving dinner with Turkey and Ham!!

Ladies View

Ladies View

Situated on the admired Killarney National Park, Ladies View offers good insights into the story of the European ancient past. The name apparently originated from the royal visiting of Queen Victoria’s ladies-in-waiting in 1861. The three ladies were extremely enraptured with the view and that is why this scenic point was called Ladies View.

By arriving at Ladies View, visitors are able to enjoy a panoramic view of three lakes of Killarney as well as purple mountains.

Torc Waterfall

This is a 18m high waterfall cascades via wooded Friers Glenn. Shutter Speed: 4

This was our last but not least stop during the Ring of Kerry tour. Initially you will see a small waterfall with a view of lake area and lush trees. If you continue walking towards the end of the road, you will hear the huge sound of a babbling brook, and that is where a 60 feet high waterfall cascade through wooded Friar’s Glen.

Then it was time to go back on the bus and return to Cork. By the time I back into the town, I joined one of another solo traveler for dinner in a local pub Casino. We both agreed that Ring of Kerry tour opened our eyes to the countryside of the Ireland. We both wanted to join the Dingle Day tour to explore the Dingle Peninsula in more in-depth.

That day is one of the best days in Ireland as I cannot image I can do so much more in one place in one day. I stayed in the city, explored the countryside, had per-thanksgiving meal, and enjoyed an authentic Irish breakfast in an local pub. I also explored a visual feast in every aspect of color, mountains, beaches, oceans, and flora, which gives me a sense of unbelievable joy.

To be honest, I do not want to leave this country. The longer I travel, the more beauty I have discovered about this place. When that day ends, I only had three days left in this hand-painted place, but I do not want to put my head down, because I just could not let a single second slip.

Julie Cao

Julie Cao is a travel blogger, travel writer, and global citizen currently living in Toronto Ontario.

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  • March 14, 2013 at 12:41 am

    Great post and another great one via emilyluxton’s interview! I’ve been to Ireland and your sharing brought back so much memories… love Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry, Giant Causeway etc. I had this famous Guinness stout & raw oyster combo!!


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