Secret Beach on Oahu – Waimanalo Bay Beach Park


Yes beaches on Oahu are popular and parked. Some beaches on Oahu have plenty of visitors and haters as well as many crazy people do the crazy act. However, if you travel a little far, you will find an exceptionally cool beach, Waimanalo Bay Beach Park, that is rarely visited by tourists, and even, local residents.

Waimanalo Bay Beach Park is located on the southeast Oahu. It is one of the undiscovered gems in Oahu. The beach is well-known for its perfectly turquoise blue shoreline, powdery sand, line of Ironwood trees and playful waves.

To families and visitors who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the populace beaches will enjoy a warm afternoon in Waimanalo Bay Beach Park. It is a perfect area for body surfing and body boarding. I have witnessed many teens riding the waves with their boards the whole afternoon.

My first experience with the Waimanalo Bay Beach Park was memorable. My friends and I went there on a Sunday afternoon, and spotted just couple of people on the shore. We were so thrilled that we immediately jumped into the waves without bringing our boards, and this was how the crazy part went…The waves appear to be rough I tried free stroke but felt powerless. My friend confessed that she does not know how to swim prior to dive in to the water but she was 100% certain she will be fine. The next thing was we were both pushed into the shore by the waves and we tripped. We looked at each other and then started laughing… It was silly but pushing by the waves all the way to the shoreline is entertaining and fun!!! And that is how we decided to entertain at this beach every weekend and play with the waves.

I have to admit this beach is fabulous. It is a special experience taught me how to play with waves, and having fun. At Waimanalo Bay, newbies will quickly learn the skills of body boarding, body surfing, and battling with the strong currents. And this kind of skills will keep you entertained at the beach. Your passion about deep blue will allow yourself rewarded with an unbelievable joy. Just don’t be too hard on yourself when play the waves, let go and get loose, and you will be surprised by how much fun when caught by the waves. So I stayed on board, shouted together with stranger, and let the ocean currents watched over us…

Julie Cao

Julie Cao is a travel blogger, travel writer, and global citizen currently living in Toronto Ontario.

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