A visit to Mayon Volcano : Epic trip in Northern Philippines



It is been called one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Mayon Volcano is an ideal stratovolcano with the height of 8077 feet. It helps to form the northern boundaries of Legazpi city in the Bicol region. Due to its symmetric conical shape, Mount Mayon is regarded as the “perfect cone”. A trip there reveals the history and the natural beauty of the northern Philippines, from the breathtaking cityscapes, to tropical warm weather to the breathtaking landscape of the summit to the tragic story behind the volcano eruption.

Eager to experience this adventure for myself, I took a bus to Legazpi city, hired a tricyle, and hit the open road. The ride to Legazpi city from Daet can take few hours. It is a long ride with a tiring layover in Naga. So visitors should be mindful as they need to prepare for kind of a ride.

The scenic view is worth the ride. Picture a motor ride alongside the green trees and tropical forests, overlooking the entire legazpi city and the sea, and a patch of clouds drift toward the summit crater, mysterious, peaceful and other worldly. It is no wonder why everyone I met recommend this place as a must-see. With such fertile mountainscape and stunning panoramas, it is impossible to pass up such famous attraction. Mayon volcano is still explosive nowadays, and many major activities are available atop the Lignon Hill.

Another vintage point of the Mount Mayon is on Daraga Church. The church lost its original beauty after restoration; however, the landscapes look beautiful everywhere on the church. For those who stuck in the Legazpi city, the church might be the good place to kill the time.



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