Canada trip 1: Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls peeps! I have been in the falls six years ago, but was from the US side. I dreamed of crossing the border and appreciate the beauty of the falls from another perspective. I finally live the dreams!

First stop was the gorgeous falls, which drops vertically for more than 50 meters into the Niagara River. I waited there after the dust. It was pitch black and I was not getting anything on my camera. As soon as I decided to leave, the fall started light up. The multicoloured falls continue attract global tourists. I embraced the panorama feature on my camera and captured the magnitude of this fantastic vista.


I then walked up to the Clifton Hills. The hostel website recommended this walk that promised a hippy night, perfect for gambling, eatery, live music while enjoying the night scene. I was impressed. The place was absolutely a reminiscent of Las Vegas. After a filling diner at Yanks, I finally gave away all my change to the slot machine in somewhere I do not even remember.

Next day I was up to a quaint little town Lake on Ontario. It is a shopping point for wines, herbs, organic sources, oils, and weird flavors of ice creams. I am not into the shop, but was not disappointed. The architecture in town is impressive.




From there, I hopped on the bus, stopped near the Whirlpool to take the jet boat, and explored the Ontario lake by actually went into it. This section of exploring for me is really a time to get to know the Lake Ontario and the evolution of Niagara Falls, to have my adrenaline pumped, and to get soaked in riding the rapids. There are not much more activities can beat the jet boat tour. It is certainly an awesome ride that intrigues your curiosity of the nature and asks you to step out of your comfort zone.


I have spent my last few hours of my trip on the Rainbow Bridge watching the fireworks over the fall. The display is only on for Friday and Sunday. I was one of the luckiest travelers in the world! I was at school Friday knowing three day holidays coming up. I did not feel going anywhere over that time. I researched to find the lasts minute deal to Niagara Falls and it was actually the best decision I have ever made. I follow the leads of the other travelers and the member of the staff at the hostels, for an amazing dinner at Yanks, a short but exciting trip to Ontario Lake, and spotted the fantastic display at the location in between two countries.


My crazy whim for traveling actually turned out to be an awesome journey. Next up the Montreal awaits.


Julie Cao

Julie Cao is a travel blogger, travel writer, and global citizen currently living in Toronto Ontario.

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