Four Days in Bermuda

I fall in love with Bermuda at first sight.

I was here to escape the Canadian fridge, but the pink sand beaches, pastel house, manicured gardens, British heritage, and the Aloha spirit of people draws me and makes me wanted to stay longer.

Every day when I walked on the street or the beach, I do not feel like a tourist or foreigner. Locals welcomed me into their community with a genuine smile and offered me a helping hand whenever I have questions. The ocean is insight the moment I stepped out of the airport.  The beach was my favorite place like always, where strangers becomes amigos and  I got to chat up with locals and travelers from the global. This may sounds cliché but I was so taken aback by their English accent.

I have captured images of the beaches, the streets and the events I have experienced in Bermuda, which unfolds the mystery of what this island, my housemate back in Windsor referred to it as in the middle of nowhere when she goggled it on the map, really looks like.

Hamilton Harbour:


Sit on a peninsula overlooking the waterfront, it offers outdoor sitting and a seafood truck catering your dining needs. Locals kept coming for their lunch break, while visitors take the cruise to the other parts of the island.

Pink Sand Beaches


There are so many as if the pink sand is the heritage of this island. On a weekday, there are few locals on the beach, the water is a bit cold to dive in, but I still enjoyed it because of its tranquility and a sense of infinity.

Crystal and Fantasy Caves


It does not takes me long to realize that there is more to beaches and pink sand, and parts of the natural wonder have to be experienced underground. This 90 minutes guided tour takes you to the deep, clear underwater pools with cerulean waters, incredible formations and unimaginable shapes. Looking up on the cellings are chandelier clusters and crystallized soda straws, while looking down the water there are shrimps that are blind before birth– which tells us it is almost impossible to survive the darkness as a human.

Historic St George

As one of the first English towns established in North America, St George maintains its colonial roots to date with winding streets, period actors and old Town Halls.  A nag interrupted Mayor’s speech and got executed by dumping into the water; no one was by her side, no one…



We ended up giving a round of applause to Susan for her great performance and bringing us an hour of laugh.

Saint George Island


Saint George Island is home to nations’ top notch beaches far away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. There, you can have the beach to yourself, or make new friends by simply striking a conversation with them. Time flickers when I am on the beach, chatting up with strangers and having a grand afternoon.

Bermuda International Airport

I took a short walk around the airport in the later afternoon, hoping to embrace the water once again.  I would possibly not be able to see such nice water like this for a long time after two hours, so I ordered a bento dinner, sit on the bench outside the airport, and enjoyed the ocean view.

Julie Cao

Julie Cao is a travel blogger, travel writer, and global citizen currently living in Toronto Ontario.

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