Best Budget-friendly Restaurants in Honolulu HI

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Honolulu has many restaurants to offer to all types of foodies. Walking along Kalakaua Avenue, it is easy to spot plenty of fancy and pricy restaurants that offer a variety of local and international dishes. However, finding an affordable restaurant with high quality food is also easy with little help from the locals. After you book your stay at a Honolulu hotel, check out this list of the best budget-friendly restaurants in Honolulu.

Bangkok Chief

Bangkok chief is an ideal place for those who crave authentic Thai food. This Thai restaurant, one located on Nuuanu Avenue and another on East Manoa Road, offers assortments of ala carte with curry chicken for $8.45 and basil shrimp for $10.80 with speedy service. The food is served in a large bento box that can be saved for two meals.


Located on Piikoi (Street near Ala Moana Center), Chodang is a small Korean restaurant that features daily specials for $5. The dining experience kicks off with several mini banchan dishes such as sweet potatoes, kimchee, bean sprouts salad, and spinach salads. If you arrive at peak hours, be prepared to wait in line, but the high quality of food and the dirt cheap price are worth the wait.

Ryan’s Grill

Ryan’s Grill is simply a Kama’aina restaurant located across the World Theater, and it provides a perfect combination of the worldwide cuisine and relaxing atmosphere. The prime times to drop by are during the happy hours from 4-7 p.m. or after 10 p.m. when the restaurant features half-priced pupus and drink specials include garlic break with massive amounts of hot crab and artichoke dip, giant plates of Kailua pork quesadilla, a mountain of sweet potato fries, and cooked-to-perfection roasted duck with steamed buns. There is no need to order a main course, as just a few pupus and drink specials like the Mai Tai are able to satisfy your appetite.

Goma Tei Ramen

Goma Tei is an ideal Japanese ramen place that specializes in fine Japanese tan tan broth and soba noodles topped with a variety of vegetables, sliced pork meat, and seafood. While its gourmet tan tan noodle soup contributes to most of Goma Tei’s success, its crispy chicken tatsutaag (six large pieces of crispy fried chicken served on a small tray, for about $7.15) and gyoza (five piece of dumplings filled with ground meat and veggies, with crispy bottom side up, for $6.58) are increasingly popular among the locals. Have a bite of both chicken tatsutaag and gyoza. Let them melt in your mouth so that the juicy and sweet taste will linger on your tongue. Other successful factors for these small Japanese restaurants are their reasonable prices, speedy service, large portion sizes, and family-friendly ambiance.

Happy Garden

Happy Garden, a Chinese restaurant, is the perfect stop for a decent dim sum meal. The place opens in the early morning around 6 a.m., closes at 10 p.m., and serves all day dim sum. With only $2 for most dim sum items, this restaurant promises high quality of food with speedy service and friendly ambience. If you want to try the most likable Chinese dim sum, order chicken feet, beef ball, shrimp dumpling, turnip cakes, and rice soup.



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