French Language Immersion in Quebec City

Quebec City

If you are planning a trip to Quebec City, the capital city in the French-speaking province of Canada, chances are you will be encountering French-speakers that have very limited knowledge of English. And with its creative cuisines, remarkable history, and the thrilling adventure, a visit to Quebec City is too tempting to pass. However, few knows Quebec city is also a perfect place to start French immersion program. Its European heritage, French speaking environment and helpful locals will aid you into quick progress in your French language skills.

I have studied French at school for four months before arriving in Canada, and have self-learnt BBC Ma France before my first trip to Montreal. To my surprise, I could barely understand a word of French when communicating with Quebecois. My language barrier became a disaster when I was on a French group tour on Mt Royal (I am not going to review the process of how I joined the French group tour). The whole afternoon I had to rely completely on a kind-hearted lady I met at the bus station to translate the information from the guides and pull out the significant details of Mt Royal for me. I felt pretty miserable because I did not know what my tour guide was talking about. From that on, I determined to improve my French.

After talking with my roommates and my Brazilian friends about French immersion program, I registered one week  immersion program at BLI Quebec City and paid $395 for one week immersion class that is nearly four hours class each day. I was in level-7 with three Brazilians and one American student. The school also offers private tutorials with a higher price.

The morning class focuses on grammar and writing, but it also offers me chances to speak up and make lots of mistakes. Everyday the class started with a question and we have answered it in French. With every day’s practice, we are not afraid of communicating with Quebecois in French on a daily basis.

In the afternoons, we had one hour conversational French class, and each class revolves around a useful topic. I efficiently learned how to describe a person, to report an injury, to compare and contrast and so forth. The second last day of my class, my classmate and I walked around Quebec City for nearly an hour to search the original poutine place Frite Alors, and it was definitely the best poutine I have ever had – the fries was served in a classic European cone and with multiple sauce and toppings. On several afternoons my American classmates and I walked around the winding and narrow streets of the old town to embrace the European flair. She stayed in Quebec City longer than I am and she introduced me to many places and interesting facts this city has to offer. I finished the day with a great joy of learning more French, and happiness of getting to know more of this city everyday.

My French immersion experience has also changed the way I travel. Instead of traveling for travel’s sake, I came to realize that taking class and volunteering is one of the best ways to get to know a new destination. The language immersion program opens myself up to so many people and so many places in Quebec City. I had fun everyday and enjoyed it every second. I cannot wait for my return trip to Quebec City in winter to see the other side of the city.

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