17 Unique Facts About Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Even Hawaii entered the statehood in 1950 as the 50th state, the culture and landscape is so different from the mainland US. It is one of the most diverse places in the world with residents from all over the world, and my Hawaii alma-mater has students from over 100 countries and all 50 states.  In geography term, volcanoes hold a key to the formation of the islands of Hawaii.

Hawaii has many to offer. I feel blessed to study and work in the beautiful state of Hawaii for four years. People who reside in the Aloha state take pride in the island culture and natural wonder.

As a Kama’aina(Hawaiian resident), I have discovered 17 unique and intriguing facts about Hawaii. I hope you enjoy reading them. I wish you find these funny facts helpful when comes to plan your trip to the tropic paradise.

1. Hawaii does not have ethnic majorities, all of residents in Hawaii are considered as minorities. White Americans are made up of less than 40% of the entire state population. The largest ethnic minority group in the Aloha state is Philippines.

2. Hawaiian Island (Big Island) is the largest isle in the state of Hawaii. The size of the Big Island is twice the combined size of the rest of the island, and it is still expanding due to the constant eruption of Kilauea Volcano.

3. Even though unlimited sunlit reach Hawai’i year around, Hawaii is not a snow-free state. The summit of Mauna Kea has heavy snowfalls every year.

4. World’s most active volcano, Kilauea, exits in Big Island, Hawaii. Kilauea has been erupted 35 times over the past two-hundred years. If you measure Kilauea from its sea floor, you will find that Kilauea is twice the height of Mt Everest.

5. Hilo was once the one of the most prosperous cities in Hawaii, but it got tore apart twice by tsunami. The first tsunami struck in April 1946, and the other one in May 1960.

6. Waikiki is believed to be a touristy area, and everything in Waikiki is charged for tourists’ price. If you opt for a cheap deal, please head over to downtown Honolulu or north shore.

7.Waikiki beach is almost entirely man-made, and the sand on Waikiki beach is imported. This beach has erosion problems after a strip of hotels and shops built close to the shoreline.

8. If you take a look at the map, you will discover that Hawaii is the widest and southernmost state in the union.

9. In summer time, sunset in Waikiki Beach is one of the prettiest in Hawaii. When comes to winter, sunset at Sunset Beach is at its best.

10. Everything in Hawaii is super slow. If you order books from Amazon.com, they usually take 30 to 45 days to reach Hawaii.

11. The island of Molokai is almost an empty island. When you travel there, you will realize the whole island is in the palm of your own hand.

12. Everything in Hawaii is extremely pricey, especially the land. Many residents end up leaving Hawaii. It is not because they do not like being in Hawaii; but rather, they cannot afford to live there.

13. Kama’aina do not describe directions by using the words like north, south, east, and west. Instead, they prefer to use landmarks, such as Mauka (mountain side), Makai (ocean side), Diamond Head, North Shore, Leeward, and Ewa Beach.

14. Hawaii is the only state in the union that allows growing coffee plantations for commercial use.

15. Homeless people always have a desire to make Hawaii their home, due to the incomparable shelter service from state government and unbelievably pleasant weather.

16. Even though Hawaii is on the Pacific Ring of Fire, the state has minimal natural disasters.

17. Hawaiian is an ethnicity, just as Asian and Caucasian. . The residents of Hawaii are called Kama’aina.

If you have more unique and intriguing facts about Hawaii, please comment below.

Julie Cao

Julie Cao is a travel blogger, travel writer, and global citizen currently living in Toronto Ontario.

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