Exploring Cavendish on Prince Edward Island


One of my favorite places on Prince Edward Island (PEI) is Cavendish, situated on the central coast in the Prince Edward Island National Park. I have recommended that all my fellow PEI travelers visit there. Cavendish is a small rural community filled with walking trails, charming vistas, beautiful natural wonders, and refreshing seafood. I went there during the low season in May, and it still has lots to offer. If you plan to visit Cavendish, be sure to check out the following places.

Green Gable Heritage Place

Start your morning at the Green Gable Heritage Place. Immerse yourself in Lucy Maud Montgomery’s beautiful tale of fiction, Anne of Green Gables, and embrace the landscapes that inspired this classic creation. Explore the original Green Gable House and stroll through the Haunted Wood Trail. Adding to your visit is the beautiful home of Lucy Maud Montgomery where she spent half her life with her Macneill grandparents.

Explore Cavendish on Prince Edward Island

Explore Cavendish on Prince Edward Island

House in the Green Gable Heritage Place, Cavendish PEI

Cavendish Beach

Cavendish Beach features a stunning coastline and serene water that is perfect for swimming and beach-bumming. Walking to the beach from the visitor center, you will find yourself on the red sandstone cliffs towering over the shore. You can descend to the lookout area, taking in the panoramic shoreline views. After that, take the Homestead Trail to the other part of the beach and dip your feet in the soft sand and the ocean.

Explore Cavendish on Prince Edward Island

Beautiful morning walk on Cavendish Beach, PEI

Cavendish Grove

Just behind the visitor center, Cavendish Grove has a stand of sugar maples and picnic grounds for an afternoon retreat. It is also a perfect place to view the sunset.

Explore Cavendish on PEI

Sunset over Cavendish Grove, Price Edward Island


Golf in Cavendish is a sweet headache, as there are 10 golf courses in the Cavendish area. Two golf courses I recommend are the Green Gables Golf Club and the French River Golf Course. The Green Gables Golf Club, created by two famous architects, Stanley Thompson and Thomas McBroom, is very accessible if you stay close to Cavendish Beach.  The French River Golf Course caters to all levels of golfers, and overlooks the picturesque French River.

Explore Cavendish on Prince Edward Island

Seafood dinner

The wide selection of lobsters, mussels, and fresh fish are PEI’s local delicacies. Several restaurants offer seafood dinners. If you want a budget-friendly meal, get the mussels and cooked lobsters from the local fisheries. Embrace the rich flavor with PEI potatoes and a glass of Chenin Blanc. I purchased four cooked lobsters from one of the fisheries in Cavendish, and it only cost me CAD $28 total.

Cavendish Trip Tips
  • How to get to Cavendish: By car is the only possible way. From Charlottetown, take the Route 2 and the Route 6. It is a very scenic coastal drive traveling through rural communities and the coastlines.
  • Where to stay: I stayed at the Shining Waters-Ingleside Cottages and had the entire cottage on my own. This resort is only a 10-minute walk from Cavendish Beach and across the street from the Green Gable Heritage Place. There are no complimentary breakfasts and wireless internet, but every cottage is equipped with a kitchen and cookware. You can make your own meals, and the place is very peaceful and the staff friendly.
  • When to travel:May is still the low season in Cavendish, but you can enjoy the perks of fewer crowds. Music, sports, the playhouse, and the seafood festival start in June and end  in September.

Last words: Do not visit in the winter; it is a waste of time and money!

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Cavendish is a beautiful place to visit on Prince Edward Island in Canada.

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