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Lanai is the sixth largest island in Hawaii with a land area of approximately 140 square miles, and is well-known for its peaceful seclusion and untouched tranquility. The uniqueness and beauty of the island have enticed visitors from all over the world.

Lanai had historically been known as Pineapple Island since James Dole, president of the Dole Food Company, purchased the whole island and turned large parts of it into the largest pineapple plantation on earth. In June 2012, the island was sold to Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle Corporation. He invested $500 million in developing eco-friendly agricultural industry and, thus, created the island infrastructure. Nowadays, the island of Lanai is under the jurisdiction of Maui County with a population of over 3,000 residents.

The picturesque Lanai is home to Sweetheart Rock, the Garden of the Gods, Kaneapua Rock and so much more. Several key island attractions are inaccessible by road, and visitors can expect to hire an off-road vehicle to get around.

Island of Lanai, Hawaii

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is, of course, an unparalleled visual wonder that every visitor is encouraged to visit. This awe-inspiring place consists of mysterious rock formations with different hues. According to scientific research, these rocks were formed thousands of years ago by natural erosion and weathering. However, the arrangement of rocks and boulders is so artful that artful the islanders believe they were dropped from the sky by the Hawaiian gods. If you plan to visit the Garden of the Gods, please be there during sunrise and sundown, when the sunlight adds charm and dynamics to the rocks and boulders. The Island of Maui and Molokai and the Pacific Ocean, are entirely visible from the Garden of the Gods.

 Lanai, Hawaii

Garden of the Gods, Island of Lanai/Photo credit: Shannon Hurst Lane via Flicker

Shipwreck Beach

Shipwreck Beach or Kaiolahia, is situated in the northern part of Lanai City. History reveals that several ships have been wrecked on this beach because of its shallow and jagged rock channel. The remnants of an oil tanker from 1940 are still highly visible from the coral reef of Kaiolohia Bay. Nowadays, it provides spectacular views of Maui and Molokai, and is a perfect spot for picnicking and beachcombing. Further up the beach is the trail which leads to the Kukui Point petroglyph.

Lanai, Hawaii

Shipwreck Beach, Lanai/Photo credit: @rickh710 via Flicker

Munro Trail

Munro Trail is on the mountain ridge behind Four Seasons Keole. The trail is 12.8 miles long, dirt-covered and occasionally rutted Walking up the mountain, visitors find themselves hiking through the rain forests, standing on the edge of the Maunalei gulch, and then returning to the Palawai Basin. Additionally, the summit of the trail is the only place in Hawaii from which visitors can have a clear view of five other Hawaiian islands.

Sweetheart Rocks -Landmark of Lanai, Lanai City, Hawaii

Sweetheart Rocks -Landmark of Lanai, Lanai City, Hawaii

Puu Pehe

Puu Pehe, also known as Sweetheart Rock, is Lanais most recognized landmark. The shape of the triangular rock has been forged by years of erosion and lava formation. Its popularity originates from its striking natural beauty and the haunting love story between a young warrior, Makakahaur, and the princess of Maui Puupehe. Thrill seekers love to hike up to the top of the Puu Pehe from Hulopo’e Bay to enjoy a magnificent view, and put themselves in the setting of the Hawaii’s most enduring legends. The trail ruins alongside sea arches, tidal pools and Sharks Cove, but the hike is worth the risk. The panoramic view of the rock and the ocean are fantastic. The tomb-like structure is completely visible from the summit.

Four Seasons Koele, Lanai City Hawaii

Four Seasons Koele, Lanai City Hawaii

Lanai City

Lanai City, the only town on the island, has no traffic lights, public transport, and shopping malls. The main street of Lana’i has two narrow lanes running the length of the town. It has restaurants, hotels, and occasional hula dance performance. There is unlimited access to the hotel shuttle for visitors and hotel guests traveling from the hotels to the airport, the downtown area, and the ferry terminal.

Golf Course

Two Four Seasons Resorts at Lanai City, Four Seasons Koele and Manele Bay, house two world – class golf courses, “The Experience at Keole” and “The  Challenge at Manale Bay”. Both golf courses are open year-round and overlook the azure Pacific Ocean. Golfing there would be a delightful and enjoyable experience.

For more information about Four Seasons in Lanai, please check out this review article written by Dano Sayles.

Sunset, Lanai City, Hawaii

Sunset over the ocean at Manele Bay, Lanai City, Hawaii

Munro Trail and Car Rental in Lanai

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