8 Best Secret Beaches in Hawaii


An insider’s guide to the best secret beaches in Hawaii. 

There are many beautiful beaches in Hawaii, but to find a beach that brings you serenity and solitude, the famous beaches of Waikiki and Honolulu just do not cut it.

My three years living in Hawaii have offered me a chance to discover hidden beaches where other vacationers and honeymooners may not know of. Some require road trips, others a rugged adventure. If you plan a trip to Hawaii, I hope you can head over and enjoy the serenity and tranquility of these secret beaches.

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8 Best Secret Beaches in Hawaii

Secret beach at Bellows Air Force Station, Oahu

Best secret beaches in Hawaii

Secret beach at Bellows Air Force Station/Photo Credit: Julie Cao

The beach is only open to the public on weekends, as on the weekdays it is used for military training. The beach features lush mountains in the background; the turquoise waters and gentle waves are perfect for swimming.

Waimanalo Bay, Oahu

Best secret beaches in Hawaii

Waimanalo Bay. Oahu/Photo credit: Naoko Kawachi via Flicker

Waimanalo Bay often gets missed if you do not know its existence, even if you have been in the area for hundreds of times. The beach features three miles of shoreline, turquoise waters and soft white sand, and the seascape is jaw dropping gorgeous on a sunny afternoon. Be sure to bring your boards to body surfing as the current is strong to swim.

Polihale Beach Park, Kauai

Best secret beaches in Hawaii

Polihale Beach, Kauai, Hawaii/Photo credit: Kevin Schraer via Flicker

Located on the northwestern end of Kauai, Polihale Park is a perfect spot for swimming and an afternoon stroll. The sunsets over the beach are second to none. The beach feels especially peaceful, as it is only accessible by four-wheel vehicles.

Papohaku Beach Park, Molokai

Secret beaches in Hawaii

Papohaku Beach. Molokai/Photo credit: Julie Cao

Popohaku Beach is the longest white-sand beach in Hawaii, with access to parking, restrooms, barbecues, and campsites. Popohaku Beach is one of the least visited beaches in Hawaii and you might even have the whole beach to yourself.

Kamehame Beach, Big Island

8 Secret Beaches in Hawaii

Kamehame Waves by Daniela via Flicker

Kamehame Beach is located on the southeastern coast of Big Island and it is a breeding site for turtles. The only way to get access to the beach is to volunteer with a turtle-monitoring program.

Polihua Beach, Lanai

Best secret beaches in Hawaii

Polihua Beach, Lanai/Photo Credit: Andrew Ghayes via Flicker

Sixty miles away from Lanai City, Polihua Beach has a two-mile stretch of shoreline and is frequented by green turtles. Humpback whales can also be spotted during the winter. This beach is secluded and picturesque, but the current is extremely strong; hence, it is not a good place for swimming.

Kalepolepo Beach, Maui

Best seccret beaches in Hawaii

Kalepolepo Beach Park, Maui/Photo Credit: katsuhiro7110 via Flicker

Situated between Menehune Shores and the Whale Education Center, Kalepolepo Beach used to be a native Hawaiian fish park, but now it is a gorgeous beach in Kihei free of crowds.  This beach offers the best sunsets on the island, and it is also a wonderful place for swimming and afternoon walking.

Nanina Beach, Niihau

Best secret beaches in Hawaii

Nanina Beach, Niihau/Photo Credit: Bob Abraham via Getty Images

Niihau is a forbidden island and the beach on the island sees more marine creatures than human footprints. As a result of the restricted access to the island, Nanina beach feels especially tranquil and beautiful, as it has never been explored by tourists. The only way to get to this beach is to take a guided tour offered by the Robinsons (descendants of the island owner) for lunch and snorkeling.

Have you visited any of these secret beaches in Hawaii? Comment below! 

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Julie Cao

Julie is the creator of Always On The Way. She lived in Hawaii and now resides in London (Ontario, Canada). In 2017, she went on an overland trip from Bogota Colombia to Puerto Williams, the southernmost city in the world. She believes travel is not only about visiting tourist attractions but more about getting to know the culture, people, and the place.

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