Travel Blogger Interview with Justine Cross

This interview series feature interviews with travel bloggers and writers. If you are a travel blogger and a writer and have something to share with and say to your readers, please get in touch with me at [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you!

In this interview series, let us meet a travel blogger, Justine, from Wanderer of the World, a travel blog that offers wonderful insights and beautiful images about her travels to various places and places. Justine is a world nomad and she aims to inspire others to see the world as well. She was born in Germany, lived in the UK, and has traveled extensively in Europe and the USA. She plans to visit Iceland and Amsterdam this year. Check out her blog here and stay tuned for her upcoming trips.

"Just go! It’s as simple as that. Don’t let fear hold you back from seeing the world. Start off small and close to home and then you’ll get the confidence to explore more far-flung destinations and for longer periods of time...Once I’d got the confidence from this and realized that solo travel is actually really enjoyable; nothing was stopping me from seeing more of the world. So yeah, if I can do it – so can you!"  - Justine Cross from Wanderer of the World .Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 

Welcome Justine! Tell me about yourself, your blog, and your coming adventure.

Hi, I’m Justine or you can call me “Wanderer” (like my Mum does). My blog is called Wanderer of the World and it’s a female travel and lifestyle blog aimed to inspire more people to want to see the world. My articles are all based on my own experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly and offer a true insight into travelling even if you have a full-time job. My upcoming travels for this year include Iceland and Amsterdam, which I am super excited for – watch this space!

I have read you have been to Hawaii. What are your favorite parts of the island?

Oh wow, this is going to be a really difficult question as there were so many parts of Hawaii that I truly loved! If I had to pick just a couple of favourites, then they would be Byodo-In Temple on the island of O’ahu and Mauna Kea on The Big Island. Byodo-In Temple is a stunning Buddhist temple, which offers you the chance to feed Koi fish and birds that are so tame that they just hop onto your hands! Mauna Kea is a famous mountain, home to the largest observatories such as the Hubble Telescope and offers superb sunset views and a chance to see millions of stars and the Milky Way. In case you too want to check these places out, I’ve written some posts about them here.

Travel blogger interview with Justine Cross from Wanderer of the World
Byodo-In Temple, Kaneohe, Hawaii/Photo credit: Justine Cross

As revealed in your blog that you have lived in UK for over a decade, what is your favorite place there? (It can be a city, a village, a restaurant, or a beautiful site, but not a tourist attraction)

Good question! This would have to be St Werburghs in Bristol. If you were to Google this place right now, you would notice that it’s a housing estate with a city farm but there’s so much more to it than just that. There are some of the strangest houses here – houses that look like they should belong in Disney movies, homes made to look like boats and some just plain strange looking ones. It’s a nice place to come to on a Sunday afternoon to walk around and marvel at the strangeness of the houses and it’s definitely a hidden gem in Bristol!

Travel Blogger interview with Justine Cross Wanderer of the World
Strange house at St Werberghs, Bristol/Photo credit: Justine Cross

Out of all the things you need to work on as a travel blogger, (writing, photography, marketing, social media, blog design, etc), which one is your least favorite?

Although I genuinely love being a travel blogger, I think I would choose social media. It can be quite fickle with people choosing to follow and then un-follow you (Instagram is particularly bad for that). With all of this going on, it can be quite difficult to gain loyal followers who are engaged with your content and it also makes it tough for you to work out what is and isn’t working. That said, I’m always open to hearing tips on how I can make social media work better for me, so if anyone has any fab ideas then please feel free to share them with me!

What is the biggest pet peeve of yours?

Oh, haha! This follows on from the above really. This would definitely be the follow/un-follow habit that is going around Instagram at the moment – far too fickle for my liking!

Any travel blogging/writing resources you recommend to your fellow bloggers?

Canva and Tropital are my two best friends at the moment. Canva lets you create Pinterest optimized images really easily for free and keeps the high quality of your photos – even when turning a landscape image into a vertical pin. Tropital is a lesser known resource – they are a company that lets you upload your travel blog posts to their community and then shares them across their social media channels to help spread the word for you. Oh and did I mention they do this for free? You should check them out:

Great resources! Canva is my best friend for Pinterest and I will check out Tropital. If you would live anywhere in this world now, aside from the UK, where would you choose to live? 

Easy – Hawaii! I just love everything this country stands for and how there is something for everyone – if you’re a beach goer, adventurer, romantic, you name it – Hawaii will have something for you. I just love how you can hop between the islands really easily too. A truly stunning place and I hope to visit again…soon!

travel blogger interview with Justine Cross Wander of the World

I have lived in Hawaii and can totally relate to you. I wish we can both return there one day. Is there any travel blogger you would like to meeting in person and have a drink and a meal with?

Brooke Saward from World of Wanderlust is one of my travel blogger inspirations. For me, she is living the dream. Not only is she a full-time travel blogger, but she has also recently published a book, which is so insightful. I’ve seen many photos of her travels on Instagram where she has found herself in far-flung destinations, but also at the odd luxury spa too. Like I say – she’s living the dream!

If there is one piece of advice you would like to give to solo travelers, what would that be?

Just go! It’s as simple as that. Don’t let fear hold you back from seeing the world. Start off small and close to home and then you’ll get the confidence to explore more far-flung destinations and for longer periods of time. I started off by having day trips around the UK by myself to gain a bit of confidence without leaving my comfort bubble too much. I then decided to embark on a week of exploring Italy by train (it helped that I’d studied the language so could get by on that when needed). Once I’d got the confidence from this and realized that solo travel is actually really enjoyable; nothing was stopping me from seeing more of the world. So yeah, if I can do it – so can you!

Travel Blogger interview
Halona Cove, Honolulu Hawaii/Photo credit: Justine Cross

You are currently in UK. Tell us one of your favorite English (UK) slang and explain the meaning.

Pukka – meaning super or smashing (i.e. really good). This also happens to be one of my favourite brands of tea over here!

Thanks Justine for the interview. Enjoy your travels in Iceland and and Amsterdam!



Julie Cao

Julie is the creator of Always On The Way. She lived in Hawaii and has made her way to Toronto Canada. In 2017, she went on an overland trip from Bogota Colombia to Puerto Williams, the southernmost city in the world. She believes travel is not only about visiting tourist attractions but more about getting to know the culture, people and the place.

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