Stay at Hilltop Acres Bed and Breakfast and Explore North Cape


When it comes to exploring North Cape, there are not many options on where to stay. After passing the second largest city, Summerside, you will be on the coastal highway and travel throughout small towns and villages. However, once you get on Route 12, the scenery on the road is quite peaceful and beautiful, as you will be accompanied by a gorgeous ocean view and a large expanse of greenish farm fields.

Route 12 can be explored in one day or two, but I do not want to rush. When I plan my North Cape road trip, I want to spend a few days exploring the region, the town, and getting to know the culture and the people. I visited in low season; when many hotels and guesthouses had not started welcoming guests, so it was difficult to choose an overnight stop for my trip from Charlottetown to North Cape. After reading the brochures and checking the online reviews, I found a charming B&B and Guest House in Bideford, which is located halfway between Summerside and Tignish, and close to Lennox Island.

Hilltop Acres Bed and Breakfast and Guest House

This B&B is one of my favorites and I thought of staying for another night during my return trip to Summerside, but it did not happen. Hilltop Acres B&B and Guest House is a renovated 1930’s country home known for its exquisite interior and beautiful surroundings.

Explore North Cape: Hilltop Acres Bed and Breakfast and Guest House

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I stayed for only one night in a guest room on the second floor. I was the only guest that night and I had a wonderful stay. If you are looking for accommodation during your trip to North Cape, this is an excellent place.


Hilltop Acres B&B is a two-story building with two guest bedrooms. The entire property is situated in the country-side and overlooks the picturesque Malpeque Bay and Goodwood River. The house has a large living room, a meeting room, secluded decks, and garden swings. There is an outdoor seating area where guests can have dinner in the summer and enjoy the scenic view of the bay.

Photo credit: BBCanada.com

The common area has a large table for guests to have afternoon tea and breakfast. The night I was there, there was a business meeting taking place.

The Room

I stayed in a guest room with a large bed and a garden view. From the window, I could peek through to Lennox Island across the Malpeque Bay.

My room was in no way spacious, but it has a closet, a chair, a dresser, and several paintings on the wall. The owner, Janice, prepared an extra blanket in the closet in case I felt cold at night. The room was very clean and the bed was comfortable.

Explore North Cape: Hilltop Acres Bed and Breakfast and Guest House

My room at Hilltop Acres/Photo credit: BBCanada.com

My experience

I had the best time at Hilltop Ares and enjoyed that it was in a quiet and beautiful area. Both owners Janice and Wayne were very warm and welcoming. They greeted me in the parking lot, and offered me a tour of the property and afternoon tea shortly after I arrived. The nearby restaurants are a short five-minute drive. As I ordered take out for dinner, Janice and Wayne set up the table for me in the common area and allowed me to use it before the meetings.

The breakfast was homemade and it was excellent.  I had oatmeal, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, muffins, and fruit.  Janice woke up in the morning and baked lots of muffins. Knowing I will be on my way to Tignish that day, she offered me an extra two muffins in case I am hungry on the road.

If you visit in summer, I recommend walking and biking around the property. The view of the waterfront is excellent and you will get to see Lennox Island on the other side. From there, it takes less than 20 minutes to reach Lennox Island. I highly recommend you to visit and discover what Canada’s largest first nation community, Mi’kmaq, has to offer.

Visiting Lennox Island on my way to North Cape

Lennox Island, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Final thoughts

I have stayed in many B&Bs during my travels, and Hilltop Acres B&B and Guest House is one of the best. I arrived on a cold and windy afternoon, and Janice and Wayne welcomed me into their home and made sure I had a comfortable stay. They asked about my trip and talked to me as if we knew each other for years. That personal touch made a huge difference.

My stay ended with a recommendation to visit Green Gable Alpacas (a beautiful farm in Tyne Valley).  Janice offered to call the farm owner to confirm the farm was open so I would not waste time on travel.  She also marked several places on the map for me to visit on my way to North Cape, and made sure I had a place to stay in Tignish.

If you are looking for overnight accommodation on your trip to North Cape, I would not hesitate to recommend Hilltop Ares B&B. It has serene and beautiful surroundings, friendly and hospitable owners, and clean and comfortable rooms. Both owners go out of their way to make sure that you not only have a great stay, but also a wonderful trip to your next destination.

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Stay at Hilltop Acres Bed and Breakfast and Explore North Cape




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