Canada Road Trip: Points East Coastal Drive on Prince Edward Island


During my last day on Prince Edward Island, my hostel mates and I decided to embark on a road trip and visit part of the island we had not been before: Points East Coastal Drive. Four of us were staying in Charlottetown and we rented a mini-van together to do a road trip on the east coast, and visit somewhere quiet and special.

Points East Coastal Drive covers 295 miles of the coastal road on the east. Because of the long distance, we would not be able to cover even half of the loop in one day. However, after one day’s travel, we all agreed that it was our favorite Canada road trip, and this part of the island was so serene that we felt we owned most of the places.

Canada Road trip: Points East Coastal Drive on Prince Edward Island

Return to Cavendish – the birthplace of Lucy Maud Montgomery

Cavendish is too beautiful that we all decided to return and see this lovely place one more time. We spent the morning on the pristine Cavendish beach and dipped our feet into the white sand and the warm water. The beach was quiet in the morning so we found a huge space on the shore and took our time appreciating the panoramic views of the shoreline and looking into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. In the summer, Cavendish is filled with festivities, scenic ocean views, cultural events, delicious seafood and beautiful sunsets, which make it a perfect weekend gateway.

Canada road trip: Points East Coastal Drive

Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

Points East Coastal Drive

This part of the road trip is famous for its long stretch of stunning coastlines, fishing villages, potato farms, and top-notch golf courses.  We kicked off this road trip in Greenwich, the getaway to Prince Edward Island National Park. Our trip continued to St. Peter’s Bay where we had delicious fish and chips at Rick’s Fish and Chips and Seafood House. Rich’s Fish and Chips is run by the owner, Rick Renaud, and some popular items on the menu, Cajun mussels and curried seafood chowder, are his own creations. If you are a seafood lover and willing to try something new, make sure to check out this place.

Canada Road trip: Points East Coastal Drive on Prince Edward Island

Canada Road Trip: Points East Coastal Drive

East Point

After visiting several beaches, we arrived at East Point, to visit the easternmost part of the island. East Point consists of a lighthouse that was the first lighthouse on the island, an infinite stretch of the ocean, and an interesting sign marking “the end of the world is here” on one side and “start of the world is here” on the other. We stopped at the signs for a stint, and took in the feeling we were on the edge of the island. We walked from end to end of the East Point and enjoyed the stunning views of the rugged coastline and the tides crashing on the red beach rocks.  If you are lucky, you can find some seals in the ocean and spot the neighbor province Nova Scotia in the distance.

East Point is the best place on the island to watch the sunrise and we had to miss it, but we were glad we finally made it here after a lengthy drive. We had the East Point all to ourselves most of the time and the landscape was so beautiful and serene. Prince Edward Island is a charming place and East Point is an indication of how beautiful the world is.

Canada road trip: Points East Coastal Drive on Prince Edward Island

East Point, Prince Edward Island

Canada Road Trip: Points East Coastal Drive

Sunset in an anonymous place

If you want to watch the sunset, you should go to the west. Regardless of the location, we still wanted to take a look at the sunset on our last day. After Georgetown, we ditched the map and started off-road exploring. We took an hour drive through the countryside where we hardly saw any oncoming traffic, and then to a very treacherous road covered with red soil and rocks, which took us to a lake view where we enjoyed the sunset. We did not have high expectations for the sunset (we were on the east) but the sunset view was still beautiful. The sky turned gold and pink, and the view of the lake looks like a dream.

Canada Road trip: Points East Coastal Drive

Sunset over the east coast, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Canada Road Trip: Points East Coastal Drive on Prince Edward Island

The following day, I left Prince Edward Island and went back to the real world in Toronto. On my way to the airport, I glanced at the ocean along the highway and took in all the beautiful vistas. I loved my time on Prince Edward Island, and was totally blown away by the serene beauty, the amazing beaches, and the friendly locals. It certainly lives up to its history of being the birthplace of Canada and it represents all the beauty and charm Canada has to offer.

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Canada Road Trip: Points East Coastal Drive on Prince Edward Island

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