Hotel Review: The La Fe Hotel and Arts in Guadalajara Mexico


Note: This hotel is closed due to Covid 19. I was offered a one-night free stay at this hotel back in early 2018 and paid in full for another night. Thanks for all the support and a great time. 

Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico after Mexico City. The city, for many years, has thrived on service and information technology, but there are many culture and art exhibitions that I spent the most time exploring. I have gone through many interesting sites inside and out of the city but its art scene and its unique culture never ceased to amaze me.

Hotel Review: The La Fe Hotel and Arts in Guadalajara

Historical center of Guadalajara, Mexico

Although the historical center has many art museums and fascinating architectures, the boutique La Fe Hotel and Arts has an amazing gallery is currently showcasing the art created by local artist Jorge Morán, who specializes in illustration and creative development. Luckily, I happened to stay at the hotel during an opening reception night.

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Location of La Fe Hotel and Arts

The hotel is 20 minutes from the historical center by foot, close to the University of Guadalajara and Museo de Las Artes. There are many restaurants nearby and three minutes walk from Chapultepec Avenue, with an endless number of restaurants, bars, and gorgeous houses and buildings. It is a great base to get to know other parts of Guadalajara apart from the touristic historical center.

Hotel Review: The La Fe Hotel and Arts in Guadalajara

Museo de Las Artes, Guadalajara, Mexico

First Impression of La Fe Hotel and Arts

The hotel’s property is cozy and with gorgeous interior decorations. As you walk into the hotel, you will feel a dramatic change from the hustling and bustling street outside to the quiet and friendly ambiance inside.

The Canadian owner, Patrick Thiele, purchased this hotel in May 2017 and started running it in November. When you stop in the lobby area, you can see several green plants that have been added to the north wall, as well as a mini-bar in the lobby that is designed for guests to have drinks and socialize. On the stairways, you will find the art piece and the pictures of Guadalajara. The hotel is also in the process of adding more framed pictures to the guest rooms.

The La Fe Hotel and Arts in Guadalajara

Lobby area at the La Fe Hotel and Arts | Photo Credit: La Fe Hotel and Arts

The room

I stayed in the Barragan room, which included a queen-sized bed, AC, flat screen TV, a closet, a safe, and a balcony. The room has everything I needed for and the hotel did an excellent job in putting together everything in this short space.

My favorite part of the room was the firm mattress it provided on the bed. I grew up sleeping on a firm bed and have stayed in many hotels that had soft beds and that made it difficult to sleep, but La Fe Hotel provided a firm mattress and I slept the night through without hurting my back and neck.

The La Fe Hotel and Arts in Guadalajara

Outside my room was a balcony with chairs for me to relax and enjoy the view of the parts of the city. I often sat outside and basked in the late afternoon sun while I enjoyed sipping on my white wine. I was not able to see the panoramic view of the city but as the hotel has a central location, it was wonderful to people watch and see how the locals went on with their daily lives without stepping out of my room.


The service at the La Fe hotel was great. Although there was only one front desk staff when I checked in, he worked efficiently and I was in my room in less than five minutes. He offered me a map, showed me my room, and told me the points of interests in the city for me to explore. The hotel offers a complimentary breakfast that has bread, scones, juice, yogurt, tea, fruit and coffee that is good to go for half a day.

Art gallery and the open reception

They have many art pieces in the lobby area so that all the visitors and guests to this hotel can browse through the paintings and using their imaginations to interpret its meaning.

Hotel Review: The La Fe Hotel and Arts in Guadalajara

Some of the beautiful paintings in the lobby area

On the second night of my stay, I had a lovely night attending the opening reception of Jorge Morán’s exhibition “Kupxku’s Trip.”and getting to see different paintings; it made for the best night in Guadalajara.

My favorite painting is Loquita, the only painting with a woman in a headdress. This painting originates from a beautiful encounter when Kupxku met Loquita during his space travel and they know they want to be with each other since their existence. They both were stardust and they wanted to be together again when they changed into their current forms. Although both came from different races and backgrounds, their love for each other has overcome all the impediments. Even though Kupxku roamed around space frequently, he always wanted to return home and find his princess who is Loquita.

The La Fe Hotel and Arts in Guadalajara

Loquita |Created by and photo credit to Jorge Morán

Another interesting point about this painting is that the eyes of Loquita are actually Jorge Morán girlfriend eyes, which makes it seem like this painting is based on a real love story but even so, it is important to keep our imagination going and see that those abstract art can be interpreted in different ways.

Other than the painting, open reception night was a wonderful way for me to meet new people and learn more about Mexican culture. As an introvert and a solo traveler, I dread attending social events and the thought of starting conversations with strangers make me anxious, but when I introduced myself to the others, I realized that everyone was friendly and happy to show me the work they do and gave me insights into Guadalajara and Mexico. I got to know many interesting locals, including the artist Jorge himself, his girlfriend, and her sister. We ended up chatting a lot about Mexican cuisine, the painting, and our life abroad.

The La Fe Hotel and Arts in Guadalajara

A great turnout at the open reception night

Hotel Review: The La Fe Hotel and Arts in Guadalajara

Guests enjoyed free food and wine at the hotel’s open reception night

If you plan to visit Guadalajara, I highly recommend that you check out the gallery at the La Fe Hotel and attend one of the social events there. You can keep updated with hotel’s upcoming events via their Facebook page. For reservations, you can book here.

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