The Best Hostel in Bangkok – The Yard Review


Bangkok has hundreds of hostels in different locations, and as someone who is a first-time traveler to Bangkok, it takes long to choose one to stay at among the hundreds. After researching and looking at the availabilities, I decided to book the Yard Hostel.

The Yard Hostel in Bangkok Thailand

photo credit: The Yard Hostel

The concept of the ‘yard’

In Thai, ‘yard’ means relative – and once you’ve stayed with us, that’s exactly what you’ll be.”

The Yard is a social hostel in the center of Bangkok and is owned by a local Thai family. A peek at the hostel’s website already piqued my interest for my stay – from a large green space in the front yard, yoga practice, get-together lunch and dinner, to a vibrant neighborhood. After staying there for a week, I came to the conclusion that this hostel was everything it said it was on the website, plus a volunteer’s genuine statement ‘it feels like my home now,” as we walked down the lane to the hostel with our takeout.

The Yard Hostel in Bangkok Thailand

photo credit: The Yard Hostel

The Yard is truly one of the best hostels in Bangkok, and my experience there has proven it. If I ever visit Bangkok again, the Yard will still remain my top choice, and here are reasons why.

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Public transport is accessible from Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport

Yard Hostel is a short walk from Ari BTS station, which means you can take airport rail link and then board the BTS to get to this hostel. All you need to pay is 90 BTH for the airport rail link to get to Phaya Thai station and another 25 BTH for BTS to Ari station. The total cost is less than half the price of a taxi.

When you arrive at Ari BTS station, follow the instructions on the map and you will find yourself at the hostel in no time. For detailed directions on how to get to the Yard Hostel from the airport, you can check out their website.

The Yard Hostel in Bangkok Thailand

If you arrive at Don Mueang International Airport, you need to either Uber or take a taxi. Be sure to download the map and show it to the Uber or taxi driver.

Location: local neighborhood away from the tourist crowds

The Yard is a short walk from Ari BTS station and it is a local neighborhood filled with fantastic and cheap restaurants, various street food vendors, boutique shops, and cafes. Tt is easy to get to the Siam Mall and the night market by public transport, and a taxi and Uber to Grand Palace is less than 100 BHT.

Ari has the potential to be a hipster area in Bangkok, and you can take time explore the neighborhood and get to know locals’ way of living.

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Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand

It is easy to get local food and drinks

If you exit the hostel, turn left, and then make a right, you will get to a street filled with street food, restaurants, and cafes that offer you delicious and cheap Thai food. During lunchtime, I oftentimes went to that street for noodles. When I finished lunch, I would get freshly squeezed juice and street food. At night, I headed over to the street again where I got rice and larb for 50 BHT (equivalent to $2 USD), and the portion of the meal was enough to be shared with another person.

The Yard Hostel in Bangkok Thailand

There are two 7- Eleven stores, two café shops, clothes and shoe stores, and a shopping mall next to Ari station. If you feel lazy and do not want to check out tourist attractions, you can just walk around the Ari neighborhood and will be guaranteed to find something interesting to do.

The room was clean and comfortable

I booked myself into a four-bed dorm. The room was clean and the bed was comfortable and easy to sleep in. Free Wi-Fi was extended to the room as well.

Thailand is extremely hot and humid and there are hostels that do not allow you to use the air conditioner from 12 pm to 3 pm, which is the hottest time of the day. At Yard Hostel, you can use the air conditioner in the room at any time. They even have a large common room on the second floor that has a TV, sofa, books, and air conditioner accessible for guests from 7 am to 12 am. For guests who decide to stay at the hostel before checking in or after check-out time, you can hang out in the common room when it is too hot outside.

The Yard Hostel in Bangkok Thailand

Rooms in Yard Hostel, Bangkok | photo credit: The Yard Hostel

Free luggage storage

The guests can store their luggage at the hostel up to two months for free. I arrived in Bangkok with two suitcases, and I did not feel comfortable getting on the train and overnight bus with that amount of possessions. The staff helped me store my big suitcase in the hostel so I could travel to other cities and islands with only my carry on, which saved me a lot of hassle for packing and transit.

Attentive and friendly Service

The level of friendliness and welcome of the staff at this hostel is unbeatable and they are always around to offer you travel tips, where to visit, go out of their way to help you, and make good conversation with you. I arrived at this hostel confused by the amount of money charged by the taxi driver, and the hostel staff came out and quickly helped me resolve this. The same afternoon, the staff spent extra time to find me a pair of sandals for me to go to the New Year’s water festival.

The Yard Hostel in Bangkok Thailand

Delicious breakfast at the Yard Hostel, Bangkok | photo credit: The Yard Hostel

There is a beautiful front yard, as well as a bar in the shady area where you can relax, have a drink, and meet like-minded people. They have unlimited free drinking water to keep you hydrated.

It has been a year since my stay at the Yard. I made life-long friends there and we still talk about how much we love this hostel to this day. I would not imagine myself staying anywhere else in Bangkok than the Yard.

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