Prince Edward County Lavender Farm Tour from Toronto


If you are staying in Toronto for a few days and wish to see a lavender field, Prince Edward County Lavender Farm is the best option. You can go on your own in a rental car or take a group tour. There are tour companies that take you there in the summer.

I went on the lavender farm tour as part of the day tour with, which included the admission ($4), private group tour at the farm, and snacks and drinks on board and on the farm. This is one of the best day trips from Toronto to see the countryside and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Prince Edward County Lavender Farm in Ontario

Prince Edward County Lavender Farm

Prince Edward County is on the north shore of Lake Ontario and is known for beautiful beaches, wineries, and history, but their lavender farm is gorgeous in the summer with a large part of five acres of lavender in full blossom. The drive between Toronto and the lavender farm takes about two hours during Sunday traffic but we got to see some beautiful views on our way to the farm, with greenish farmland and Lake Ontario in sight.

When we stopped at the front entrance of the farm, two owners, Derek and Rolande, welcomed us and led us onto the farm. Hailing from Yukon, where summer lasts for only two months each year and temperature often drops to -40 Celsius in the winter, Derek decided enough is enough. He moved to Toronto with his partner, Rolande, and together they started this lavender farm several years ago with a little help from a local enterprise. Today, this farm has welcomed thousands of visitors every summer with lots of returning visits.

July is the optimum time to harvest the lavender oil. We gathered in a small house next to the lavender field where we learned the process of making the essential oil, which is the main focus of the farm.

Prince Edward County Lavender Farm in Ontario

These equipments are used to make lavender oil

We spent 20 minutes there, looked at the equipment and the sample lavender oil they made, and then went on to the lavender garden.

Lavender Garden

We then headed to the purple lavender field, which contained more than 2,000 different species and a variety of types of lavender. The cultivation process of the lavender field is completely natural and devoid of pesticides and chemical products. Two main species are English Lavender and Lavandular (French lavender), which is used to produce different ornaments and snacks.

Prince Edward County Lavender Farm in Ontario

We looked at the lavender flowers, bees, and experienced the fresh aromatic scent of the lavender. It was so relaxing to walk in the field. If you love lavender, you will love this garden. I saw some lavender flowers with colors in purple, white, and green.

Prince Edward County Lavender Farm in Ontario

Playing hula hoops inside the lavender farm

Then, we were offered freshly made lavender lemonade and shortbread cookies, and that was the perfect treat under the scorching summer day.

Prince Edward County Lavender Farm in Ontario

Lavender Lemonade and shortbreak cookie

Afterward, I walked to another lavender field that had absolutely nobody there. A large part of the garden was filled with green lavender, and they were in the early stage of blossom so it was not as interesting to check out as the previous one, but it had a variety of lavender plants and flowers.

Prince Edward County Lavender Farm in Ontario

Boutique Shop

Prince Edward County Lavender Farm has a gift shop featuring a wide array of products made out of lavender, including lavender essential oil, body care, herbs, soaps, and lavender ice cream.

As you may know, lavender has therapy and healing purposes, and its essential oil can relieve mosquito, bee, and spider bites, minor burns, insomnia, and migraines. I purchased 6ml of essential oil and applied two drops of it on my pillow the same night and the sweet aroma made me feel calm.

Prince Edward County Lavender Farm in Ontario

Bountique Shop at Lavender Farm

Final thoughts on visiting Prince Edward County Lavender Farm

Prince Edward County Lavender Farm is a gorgeous place to visit for a day trip outside Toronto. It has some of the most beautiful summer landscapes in Ontario. The farm also has a bed and breakfast for those who want to stay overnight. There are several wineries nearby for you to add to your day trip.

As for me, I enjoyed my days out of Toronto with a change of scenery and the interesting facts I learned about lavender. If you are into nature, gardens and flowers, then a trip to Prince Edward County Lavender Farm is an excellent choice.

Prince Edward County Lavender Farm in Ontario

Extra tips:

-The weather in Prince Edward County is hot and humid with temperatures going up to 37 degrees Celsius. The lavender field is exposed to the heat so be sure to wear sunblock. There are areas with shelter and chairs for you to sit and relax.

-July is a busy month with the lavender in full blossom and the lavender festival taking place. It can be touristy but it is not crowded. However, if you plan to stay at the B&B inside the farm, be sure to book it in advance.

-Bees will be present in the lavender field. In case you are allergic to the bee stings, make sure to bring epi-pens and other allergy relief kits with you.

-The trail is unpaved with grass, mud, and gravel, so wear comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes

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If you travel to Ontario Canada in the summer, be sure to add Prince Edward County Lavender Farm to your bucket list.


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