Scenic Lunch Cruise on Lake Muskoka: Sightseeing, Seafood, and Millionaire Row


If you are looking for a quintessential experience of luxury in Ontario, consider taking a scenic cruise tour on Lake Muskoka.  Lady Muskoka Millionaire Row Cruise tour is becoming increasingly popular as locals from cities like Toronto are looking to get away from the stress of their daily routine and see the luxurious countryside of Ontario from the perspective not so many people get to know.

There are several boat tours taking you along the waterways in Muskoka. I chose to take the Lady Muskoka Millionaire’s Row Cruise, which offers scenic sightseeing tours, quality food, and a peek into the life of the millionaires and their charming cottages along the riverside.

Lady Muskoka Millionaire Row Cruise

Charming cottage along the Lady Muskoka

Information about Millionaire’s Row Cruise on Lady Muskoka

Lady Muskoka Millionaire Row Cruise tour starts on the Muskoka River at Bracebridge, Ontario, which is two hours’ drive from Toronto. The cruise has three decks and can accommodate a number of 300 passengers. The boat tour starts at 12 pm, takes almost three hours, and goes around the Muskoka waterways, bays, and the private islands. Along the way, you will see the millionaire cottages lined up on both sides of the river and spot the wildlife if you are lucky.

Lady Muskoka Millionaire Row Cruise

Boarding the Lady Muskoka Millionaire Row Cruise

Onboard the Lady Muskoka Millionaire Row Cruise

We got on the Millionaire Row Cruise shortly before noon and the boat set off into the Muskoka River immediately. We were escorted to a table of four on the lower deck for lunch. The upper deck had rows of chairs and open space and that is where you will relax in the summer sun and sightsee.

Millionaire Row Muskoka

The view is better on the upper deck

I went at the beginning of August and it was a gorgeous day when I was there. The climate was sunny with some warm summer breeze and wind. The waters were calm. The landscape was green and the cottages were colorful, and it was a beautiful sight.

Lady Muskoka Millionaire Row Cruise


One of the best things Millionaire Row Cruise has to offer is a delicious lunch menu that caters to individuals with a variety of taste buds and dietary restrictions. You can choose between three types of main courses with salad and bread, as well as gluten – free and vegan options. They also have a chicken fingers lunch menu for kids.

My main course grilled rainbow trout does not have a big portion, but the taste made up for it. If you do not want to pay the extra $20 for lunch, you are welcome to bring your own food and eat on the upper deck.

Lady Muskoka Millionaire Row Cruise

Grilled rainbow trout plate

Millionaire Row Muskoka

After lunch, I went to the upper deck and saw a row of colorful mansions alongside the river while the narrator shared historical facts of the area and the properties.

As it turned out, the Millionaire Row is a Hollywood version of celebrity homes. These are super wealthy houses where Kate Hudson, Kurt Russel, Tom Hanks, and almost every famous Canadian hockey player either visited or own a property that costs millions of dollars. Each property has several bedrooms; some have a wine cellar, maids, outdoor swimming pools, a golf course, and private boats.

Lady Muskoka Millionaire Row Cruise

Another cottage at the Millionaire Row

The narrator showed us some famous cottages on the island and gave us a brief introduction of who owns the cottage and how old the houses are. Most cottages are heritage homes build in the last century. They are not on the market for sale but only pass through generations. However, there are some private islands where one can rent a cabin style villa for $800 to thousands of dollars per week.

Lady Muskoka Millionaire Row Cruise

Private islands on the Millionaire Row

We also caught few sights of residents partying and teenagers jumping into the water from a secondfloor sundeck, and a Christmas boat blasting music and swirling around at a high speed on the same parts of the river for fun. There are other individuals sailing on the water on their private speedboat doing regatta.

Lady Muskoka Millionaire Row Cruise

Christmas boat entertaining their passages by music and singing on the Millionaire Row

It was there I could see why lots of people chose to take the cruise on the Muskoka River. Not only is the scenery breathtaking, the people there are very relaxed and friendly. We all waved to each other in passing and make new friends. I thoroughly enjoyed this rare opportunity of getting close to the luxury and taking in all the fun, while in Toronto people are busy getting on with their own lives.

Lady Muskoka Millionaire Row Cruise

A girl was jumping off to the water

For the last part of the tour, the wind got a bit strong so we went down to the lower deck for sightseeing and the captain showed up and engaged with us.

Before I knew it, the three hours boat tour came to an end and it was time to head back to the terminal. Although I was not ready to leave such a beautiful place, I was excited to check out other summer events in Muskoka.

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Scenic Summer Tour on Lake Muskoka Millionaire Row Cruise in Ontario Canada

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