Visiting Incredible Sea Caves in Saint Martins New Brunswick


If you are visiting Canada and want to see how the same attraction looks different several times a day, then Saint Martins sea caves in New Brunswick is the best place. It is a great way to see the changing of the landscapes thanks to tidal movements and get to know the local community that is working hard to welcome tourists to the most underrated place in Canada.

I paid a visit to Saint Martins sea caves on my first day in town and saw the caves at both low tide and high tide. It is one of my favorite experiences and it is perfect for families and visitors of all ages. If you really want to see an attraction in Canada that has millions of years of history, unique and changing landscapes, and friendly people, then I highly recommend that you visit sea caves in Saint Martins.

Saint Martins Sea Caves in New Brunswic

Saint Martins Sea Caves. It does not look big from afar but they are gigantic up-close


Saint Martins sea caves are only a mile away from the town of St. Martins, and you can literally walk there from the end of the town as part of your after-lunch workout. The scenery alongside the road is really charming and you can stop anywhere for photo opportunities.

Overview of Saint Martins Sea Caves

The sea caves have a very interesting geographic background. These unique caves were created by physical erosion and are made of rocks and sandstones that formed 250 million years ago. The landscape around the caves is affected by the high and low tides cycle of Fundy Bay, which has the highest tides in the world. Specifically, during low tide, you can walk on the ocean floor to the caves and go inside. When the high tide (which can reach to 11 meters high and up) comes in, the ocean floor disappears and the caves are submerged in water.

“The amount of water that flows in and out of the Bay of Fundy in a day is equal to all of the water pumped into all of the oceans by all of the rivers of the earth. “- St Martins District Chamber of Commerce

Saint Martins Sea Caves in New Brunswic

Low Tide; walk on the ocean floor to Saint Martins sea caves

Walk on the Ocean Floor to the Sea Caves

I went there shortly after the high tide went out so I walked on the ocean floor and was able to get to all the caves and caverns. The terrain to the sea caves is relatively flat in most parts with a jagged rock surface and is muddy.

As you are walking to the sea caves, you will see a small stream that you need to cross and there is no way to get around it, so you need to be prepared to get your feet wet. If you wear running shoes like I was, the easiest way is to take your shoes off and walk in the water with your bare feet.

Saint Martins Sea Caves in New Brunswic

A small stream we need to walk across the get to the sea caves

Saint Martins Sea Caves in New Brunswick Canada

Exploring the Sea Caves

It was fun to walk in the sea caves and see the unusual colors. It gets increasingly darker the deeper you go and you can see the water dripping on the wall. If you take a peek outside from the caves, you can see the red arches, cliffs, and seafloor exposed on the coastline.

Saint Martins Sea Caves in New Brunswic

This is how deep I can go inside the sea caves

Saint Martins Sea Caves in New Brunswic

View outside from the sea caves

Here are pictures of the Saint Martins sea caves during low tide. From the outside, these caves appear more like a notch in the cliffs. There are children and teenage girls hiking up to the cliffs and the surface can get rocky and muddy.

Saint Martins Sea Caves in New Brunswick Canada

Unique color displayed Inside the Saint Martins Sea Caves

Saint Martins Sea Caves in New Brunswick Canada

Saint Martins Sea Caves in New Brunswic

This is what the sea caves look like at 8 pm during high tide. As you can see from the picture, the water was high for anyone to explore inside. I would love to return there and check out this phenomenon up-close, but the view was not too bad from the backyard of my hotel.

The sea floor and part of the sea Caves are filled with water during the high tides,

Another thing I like about this place is that unlike Hopewell Rocks, the sea caves in Saint Martins are free to the public so you can visit there as many times as you wish. Not everyone has this opportunity to visit this part of Canada so it is super nice to get away from the tourist hordes and enjoy the beautiful area at your own pace.

Saint Martins Sea Caves in New Brunswic

The sea caves follow the coastline and the scenery is really charming

Seafood Chowder at the Seaside Restaurant

I went to the Seaside Restaurant that claims to have the best seafood chowder in the region. The chowder was not disappointing – it has an abundance of fresh cod, lobster, and clams in it. Unlike most chowder which is creamy and heavy, the soup base is a bit thin and that is perfect for my taste buds. The coconut shrimp is extremely tasty, and there is an outdoor seating area where you can view the ocean and the sea caves.

Saint Martins Sea Caves in New Brunswic

Seafood chowder at the Seaside Restaurant

Saint  Martins Sea Caves Visiting Tips

  • Before you go, be sure to check out the local tide schedule in advance. The time between high and low tide is six hours and it is great to visit during both times.
  • You can visit the sea caves on a day trip from Saint John, but I recommend that you stay in Saint Martins for the night so you can check out the town and the Fundy Trail Parkway. I stayed at the Salmon River B&B, which offers complimentary breakfast, a private room, and walking distance to the beach and the sea caves.
  • You can bring your own food and drinks, and sit back on the beach, relax, and enjoy the views.

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