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Aloha! I am Julie. Mahalo for visiting my blog, a place I share my local knowledge and travel tips about the places I have lived in and the destinations I am familiar with through long and multiple return trips.

I live in Toronto Canada and previously, I have lived in Virginia, Hawaii, Windsor (Ontario) and Stratford (Ontario). I have taken several return trips to Alaska, Montreal, Mexico, and a long trip to Quebec City. I also spent three months in Chile.

In this blog, I will share the culture and the knowledge of these places to make your trip to those destinations a breeze. After all, there is no better way to get to know a place than actually live there.

Meet Julie

As an expat, I enjoyed exploring my host country Canada and USA and get to travel to nearby countries often. I have also spent six months in South America and half of the time I stayed in Chile . It is such a lovely destination worth my time and expense.

Lake Louise in Banff, Alberta 

Lake Louise in Banff, Alberta Canada/Photo Credit: Julie Cao

About this blog: I started this blog to write memoir for my beautiful life as an expat in Hawaii, and visualize that someday I could return there. Four years passed, a return to Hawaii and the United States has become a dream of mine, and my blog has evolves to so much more. I love my expat life and I want bring my friends, family and the kindred souls I met along the journey with me.

For me, living abroad is the best way to get to know a country. It is an extended travel. It allows me to get so much out of a place than just being a tourist. This is my kind of life, and my favorite kind – move from place to place, threw myself into the unknown, start everything from the scratch, develop a deep connection to the places, and get to know the culture and the people.

If you want to know what live abroad really looks like, this blog will show you. I will also show you some of the trips I had during my expat life in the USA and Canada. Living overseas and travel around the world has become a part of me, the part that I never want to change and let go.

Wonder what lives in Hawaii really looks like? Start with these two post here (more posts coming soon):

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Living in Canada:

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Destination Features  

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Travel Writing

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Warmest Aloha – Julie

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