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Listed below are all the tried and true travel tips, reviews, and travel writing resources.

After seven years of living in North America and traveling through three continents, taking travel writing course at MatadorU, and interacting with other travel writers, I have put together valuable travel resources and writing tips to help you out.  I know there is a lot of information on this page. To make it easy to navigate, please scroll down and click on the post you are interested in, be it budget travel tips, accommodation and airline reviews, or writing great travel content. All the posts are here to help you plan your trips and write high-quality travel articles. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Happy reading and exploring!

Budget Travel Tips

Budget Travel

Focus on tried and true travel tips and tactics, from how to save on your trips to the expensive metropolis, score the best meals in town, to explore the less-traveled places a new city.

Best budget-friendly restaurants in Honolulu, Hawaii

Tips for exploring Las Vegas on a budget

Five tips for exploring Shanghai on a budget

Trip Planning 

Plan your travels

I have been visited many cities and beautiful sites, and I have put together a list of articles on things to do and places to see in a certain destinations, so you can do less research and spend more time traveling. There are more coming.

Explore Cavendish on Prince Edward Island

Six Unique Winter Experience in Alaska

Stratford, Ontario – A fun day in the hometown of Shakespeare

Tips on Visiting Tulum, Mexico

Six Cool Things to do in Ottawa

Travel Writing

Travel Writing

I first started travel blogging since 2012 as a hobby, and I then registered for MatadorU travel writing course to learn more of travel writing and blogging. I also interviewed travel bloggers about their life behind the scene and seek out some inspiration.

Interview with Emily Luxton – a Full-time Travel Blogger: this interview features behind-the-scene work of travel blogging and the tips to fellow travel bloggers. “Honestly, it really isn’t one of the best jobs in the world, says Emily. Please read on to see what it takes to be a full-time travel blogger.

A Year in Travel Blogging: Thoughts and Takeaways: this blog post features my biggest lessons and important takeaways from my first-year travel blogging. It reveals the most important part (also the hardest part) you need to take care of for your blog, where I get most traffic, why large number of followers is not important, and reasons why I am no longer participating in the comment pods.

MadatorU Travel Writing Program: I signed up for the MatadorU Travel Writing Program in 2014. This program not only features online course on how to write high-quality travel stories, they offers you insights on all aspects of travel writing, and opportunities to work with editors and publication industries. There are constantly job and publication opportunities, which are great for both start-up and experienced travel bloggers. Most of my travel writing projects are landed through MatadorU Travel Writing Program.

Skylight Editorial: This is a professional and affordable proofreading and copy –editing service. The proofreading rates started from 0.0065 per word. You can discuss the rates with the customer representative should you need long and super heavy editing. I have used Skylight Editorial since spring 2014, and I have never had issues with them.


Note: I am not working with MadatorU Travel Writing Program and Skylight Editorial. I genuinely recommend them to my fellow travel bloggers after my highly satisfactory experience with them. 


Reviews: Accommodation, Flights, and Trains

After spend so many hours in the hostels, hotels, trains, and airlines, I have put together reviews about my overall experience with the public transport and accommodations. I do not work with any of these properties. The views and experience are my own and 100% genuine.

Canada Railroad: VIA Overnight Train Review – The Ocean

Hostel Review: HI- Charlottetown Backpackers Inn Prince Edward Island (PEI)

Airline Review: Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaii to California

Amtrak the USA- The Greatest Cross Country Road Trip

Useful booking sites


Below are a list of travel sites I often use to compare airfares, book accommodations, and plan my trips.

One-stop booking sites (incorporate airlines, transport, and accommodations)



Cheap accommodations

Hostel World


My two favorite North American airlines

Hawaiian Airlines


Travel Insurance: 

World Nomads









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