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Always On The Way Travel Blog is officially launched in July 2016 and is a fast-growing travel blog aimed at providing travelers with travel stories and useful trip information presented through a local’s lens. Always On The Way have experience working with hotels and tourism boards to create reviews and destination features through the combination of narractive and informational posts.

Always On The Way have written for online publications and magazines across the USA and Canada, as well as collobrated with other trave bloggers on interviews and guest posts. For more information, please check out my Portfolio page and contact me here for details.

Blog Focus

Always On The Way is a travel blog with destination features, travel narratives, trip tips, guest posts, and travel writer interviews. Though the topics this blog covers are diverse, the main focus is helping readers and travelers to explore the world from an insider’s perspective.

Expat life: I have lived in both the USA and Canada, deepening my knowledge of the culture and the locals  of both countries. I had a long period of time to travel to lesser-known places and see the cities beyond the eyes of the tourists.

Travel writing: As a current MatadorU travel writing student, this blog offers tried and true tips to help you hone your travel writing skills. An additional feature of this blog is travel blogger interviews, in which travel bloggers and expats share their behind-the-scenes journeys.

Blog Statistics

Demographics: Majority of Always On The Way readers are from the USA and Canada.

Traffic: As of July 2018, Always On The Way receives 90% (and above) traffic from Google and Pinterest, and the rest from blog followers and subscribrers, social media and medium.

For more information on blog statistics and demophrahics, please send me me an inquiry here for media kit.

Work with Always On The Way

Destination features: Mainly focusing on North and South America. I have lived in North America for 9 years and traveled extensively.

Direct advertising: Always On The Way accept high quality advertising opportunities related to traveling.

Reviews: Always On The Way is currently available to create honest reviews of hotels, hostels, restaurants, and destinations through banter basis. Opinions are based on my own experience and the the content of the review must be inline with my online readers. Negative expereince will be discussed with the owner before final reviews are written.

Press Trips: Always On The Way welcome opportunities to cover trips and write quality posts.

Affiliate partnerships: Partner with Always On The Way to promote your travel-related service and product through affiliate marketing.

Clients I have worked with:

Please check out my portfolio page for published work, interviews, sponsored posts, and guest posts.


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